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We next examined how subject sex is related to expressions received. Table 5 shows all of this data. When looking at female sender and female participant, canada goose a smile was reported back with a smile most of the time followed closely by neutral expression. This follows what we predicted. Chi square for female sender and female receiver shows statistical significance with, canada goose n(2, N=760) = 35.13, P When looking at the overall data for frowns portrayed, the majority of participants displayed a neutral expression, subject Custom Football Jerseys sex and participant sex did not significantly vary. For female sender and female participant, a frown created a neutral expression the majority of the time. For female sender and male participant, a frown created a neutral expression again the majority of the time. Looking at male sender and female participant, a frown created a neutral expression the majority of the time. Lastly, looking at male sender and male participant, a frown created a neutral expression almost always. This supports Hinsz and Tomhave experiment and shows that if you frown, you frown alone. (See table 5) I agree iwth PP. call the pediatrician if anything. DS had a really high fever (106.0) by the time we got to the ER and all they did was tell us to keep him in just a diaper, tanners put cool compresses under his armpits, tanners keep his hair damp, and give him children s Advil (because of his size/weight, they said he could have 1 tsp of it). The Advil worked MUCH better at managing his temp. The doc at the ER said they don t really worry about temps in infants under 108 because babies temps run higher when they get a fever. But I was SO scared when I saw that number. They also gave him pedialyte by the syringe and just said to give him lots of cuddle time. Being skin to skin sleeping on my chest was really soothing to him. It helped him breathe better (his fever was so high he was labored with his breathing) and brought his temp down some (his head was on my chest, there was a cool damp rag between our bodies, and I kept running a damp rag over his head to keep his hair wet. Try not to panick. Waiting till morning will expose him to less than taking him to the ER. Thankfully when we took DS in with a 106 fever, they got us right in before everyone else because he was so young. I know that doesn t always happen, though. Hang in there! For our company this cost us in parts, Customized Jerseys NFL labor and equipment. When I started in ATM servicing business in 1996 there were standard encryption codes used to encrypted CC and ATM data. The codes were very simple. There was once an industry standard code of 16 zeros and 16 ones. This code was keyed into Authentic Baseball Jerseys an ATM by a technician on site