Thank you Tamara, canada goose and good morning. I will start my presentation on slide 9 with a review of our segment highlights for the second quarter. MRB s operating income increased sequentially to $20 million, canada goose which was up by $7 million over the first quarter. The key drivers were benefits to gross margins from higher sales volumes and Best NBA Jerseys 2014 reductions in SG expense. Operating income per ton was $15, a sequential increase of $4. As a result of carryover effects from the market debt in the first quarter, December shipments were at old prices which impacted MRB s overall performance for the second quarter. APB s operating income was $9 million, slightly down on the first quarter. The key drivers were seasonally lower parts sales and higher SG and legal expense. Absent the SG item, the operating margin would have been higher by approximately 200 basis points. APB s margins were compressed in both the first and the second quarters due to the impact of lower commodity prices and a tight supply of end of life vehicles. SMB had a small operating loss of $1 million, which was impacted by cost of planned maintenance which also restricted production volumes during the quarter. Colors in general look good as they manage to avoid looking too flashy in most scenes and flesh tones are more muted in general as well. Aliasing and cross coloration are pretty much non existent. The rest of the cover is accentuated by a decent close up shot of Pinky s face as she blushes and a background that uses the standard multi colored binary number layout to provide more color. NBA Holiday Jerseys Remember that all recordable and rewritable CDs and DVDs do the same thing regardless of their particular brand. However, tanners because there is not an industry standard when dealing with DVD technology, tanners not every DVD player is compatible with every format available on the shelves. For this reason, it is important that you always check with your manufacturer if you are unsure about which type of recordable media is right for your recorder/player. The article is strictly for educational or entertainment purposes only and should not be used in any way, implemented or applied without consultation from a professional. Please read our Terms of Service for more information. All sites proposed utilize the regions proximity to Buffalo City, and the vast resources these areas have to offer. Yahoo! Is not thwarted by Buffalo renowned winters and cold lake effect winds, In fact they are very interested in incorporating the regions cold weather conditions into their architectural and engineering layout and the development of their site. As stated by a representative Scott Noteboom of Yahoo! at a Lockport Town Planning Board Meeting on June 17th, challenge here is a little more on the cold side, these buildings are designed to breathe, and we running the cooling system on outside air. Stating the region cool lake winds aids in their ability to decrease resources to cool the Data Center by utilization of the already cold wind patterns of the area. Buffalo weather conditions thus aid to decrease the overall costs of running their Data Jordan Jerseys Center. Noteboom and Orest Ciolko of Wendel Duchscherer unveiled their plan for the development of their Data Center in the proposed Lockport site at Junction Road and Enterprise Drive. Their proposed structure sits on the site 30 acre piece of land diagonal to the property boundary lines. At approximately 190,000 square feet, the structure would consist of ten separate sections connected by hallways, with a central office located in the between sections five and six. Noteboom states all of our research, we very interested in doing the project in your area. It is important to point out however, that is not a done deal. We haven made a final decision, Yahoo! spokeswoman Kim Rubey said. in discussion with other states.... There are multiple stages of the process. June 30. The Town Industrial Development Agency, will also hold a hearing June 30 or July 1 on Yahoo! application for a property tax break

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